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January's bills = slayed!!

Feb 02, 2021

OMG!! YOU PEOPLE?! WE DID IT!! You helped me reach my goal of paying January's bills. Through here alone, we've smashed it! I honestly thought this may have been a fool's errand. Everyone is dealing with some level of shit right now. Being closed, pole studios and instructors are struggling a lot right now as well and I just didn't expect the community to turn out for me like this. Me thinking 'bahahahahaha, like I'll get enough people want to buy £650 worth of my stuff in less than a month!!!'. Yet to my absolute disbelief, here we are! So from the absolute bottom of my heart THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I am delighted that so many of you have bought classes, enjoyed them (hopefully!) and continue to give me fantastically helpful feedback. I know this stuff isn't the same as being in studio, but honestly, I have been loving the Zoom life, you've allowed me to continue to share my passion of teaching and it's been incredible to watch so many of you grow as dancers and people. Through all of this, we've managed to foster a community spirit that has given us all some well-needed emotional support. I am also humbled that there are a lot of you that have bought me roses for my emotional labour, my resources, and for just being me (which is honestly the sweetest and that kind of next level support that I didn't even deem myself worthy of from the pole community).

Evidently, the clock has to be reset. January has been and gone, now February's bills are knocking on my door and every month until the world returns to some sort of normality. Heck, dancing in an actual club feels like lightyears away right now, let alone the reopening of our beloved pole studios. I don't know if I'll set a 'February's bills' goal. It helps me keep an eye on things and I think it lets you know where I am too...fuck it, I'll probably do it (another instance of me doubting that I can achieve this goal again me thinks).

Just know that every rose you buy, every class you buy sustains me and helps me beyond measure. Like all of us, I am trying my best to adapt to this strange new world we are currently living in. I only hope to continue to improve what I am putting out there and give you more. Thank you for the love, the belief and the support <3

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