Moving to SubscribeStar

Hello all. :)In the past few weeks as I've gotten my life in order so that I can be a functional human being again, one of the things I've done is thought about what to do about this site. Buymeacoffee has been a bit troublesome in many ways. The posting format is frustrating, and communication is strange. It separates people into supporters, followers, and members, and they overlap and underlap and it's really confusing at times. So as I've prepared to resume my video... more


Jan 17

A long 4 months

It's been a long, painful few months, physically and mentally, one malady feeding into the other in a vicious cycle. Several times, I've seen the light at the end of the tunnel, only to get plowed into by a bullet train, and the metaphorical scraping myself off the rails? Not good times. But I see the light at the end of the tunnel again and this time I think it's blue sky and not a bullet train head light. So I hope to get this channel up and running again with the new year.... more


Dec 30

This is my "I'm alive but dang, Real Life(TM) has been pretty crappy lately" post.


Aug 27

Future Youtube posting schedule

Hey, I have a (hopefully) good announcement!So last week I was getting pretty down on how far behind I was on the shows I'm watching for this channel, especially since I wanted to watch Loki as it was airing. But Loki came and went and I had only barely watched episode 4 of WandaVision. And THEN the internet kind of went crazy with Loki spoilers. I couldn't go anywhere on youtube without a potential spoiler being pushed in my face. So I binged, and recorded all my reactions. Monday, I... more


Jul 22

A Thank You and Recognition

Hello all!I just want to thank all of you who have supported me here by buying me coffees and/or memberships. Some of you have been so generous, it often leaves me speechless, and just kind of frozen in shock. Often to the point where I really don't know what to say for fear of sounding trite.But I want to thank each of you, by name or nickname, individually. I would like to dedicate a part of my reaction videos to recognizing and thanking each one of you. I plan on using the names, or... more


Jul 11

Livestream Star Wars Unboxing

A friend of mine (Hi Robert!) sent me a box full of unknown Star Wars related items. I will be unboxing them live on Saturday, July 10th, at 8:00 pm MDT (Mountain Daylight Time). This is my first livestream and I admit I'm rather nervous. I can't edit out any brain dead moments I might have if it's live! O_O Anyway, come join me and share in my surprise. If I can, I might also do a live reaction to the Star Wars: Visions trailer.


Jul 10

The Mandalorian S02-E05 Full Length Watch-Along
The Mandalorian S02-E08 Full Length Watch-Along
The Mandalorian S02-E06 Full Length Watch-Along
The Mandalorian S02-E07 Full Length Watch-Along
Star Wars is a Girl's Best Friend