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22.16% of £3700

I will get a desktop computer upgrade specially designed for graphics


22.16% of £3700

I will get a desktop computer upgrade specially designed for graphics

Hey  👋I am Graham Brown. 

I create LED magic, I am a graphic designer and a Dj. 

If you are watching one of my streams, cheers!

It's my birthday! Yaay

You can buy me a beer!

I always try to bring you the best music and super cool renders.  I thought this website is a great fit for me to accept donations.

The goal is to get a desktop upgrade.

I am currently on my 6-year-old mac and 2 other old laptops that I use just for renders. It's a struggle and things started to move slow...  I need more render power to create cool shit. I need to get a desktop computer for graphics. Fortunately, you can help me achieve this goal faster. I am on gov. support at the moment but I need to step up my game NOW (6 years ago when this happened my laptop died and it was pretty rough with all projects postponed and very little cash). I'm trying to think ahead and this is where you come in.  

Buy me a beer, or 3 or 5. It's very little but it will help me.

Payment is easy and safe, through PayPal.

It goes directly into my account, the website doesn't hold it.

Do you want to donate more? You can always PayPal me directly.

my website 

my instagram @geomatrixdesign

my facebook page Geomatrix Design

my other facebook page Dj Sutekh

if you are interested in supporting my work,

click those likes and buy me a beer! 

PS: I will have a private stream for you here, coming soon.

And last but not least, THANK YOU.

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