👋 Hey!

Just a quick technical update. We listened to your feedback about a more compact file size for our videos; storage can be an issue when you have a large video collection and we get it. So, from now on, we will offer a new download option in the form of a more compressed video file. BTW, we applied this retroactively to our last two releases (Morning Routine and The Veil).

So, to sum it up, we will have:

·         The standard download, H.264 MP4 at a video bitrate of 10 Mbps (1920x1080p)

·         A more compressed option, H.264 MP4 at a video bitrate of 4 Mbps (still 1920x1080p)

The audio sample will be identical for both options, 128 Kbps @44.100 kHz.

The quality difference between the two is negligible on regular screens (phones, tablets, laptops, and even TVs up to a point), so if storage space is an issue you can just download the compressed version as you would probably won’t notice any difference. If you want the better quality option though, go with the standard download. Or maybe just download both, why not? 😉


George x Tammy