Buy Gerard McGregor a coffee


Hi everyone! I am Gerard McGregor, an artist from Liverpool, United Kingdom. 

I paint pictures that depict an image that has been affected by some sort of digital glitch. The reason I do this is that I see huge similarities between how modern technology and the human memory works. Each painting is meant to represent a recollection of a memory and the digital distortion shows the difficulties that we, as humans, have in remembering details in the right way. Sometimes we may remember the wrong colour of someone's clothes, or the weather of on particular event being different to what is was. We have all been guilty of our memories giving us misinformation.

I have been painting is this style for the past six years and I have had my work exhibited in many shows over the last couple of years. I would like to keep working in this way and keep exploring the many possibilities it has to offer, seeing my work grow in the process.

If you would like to show your support for what I do and Buy Me A Coffee it would be greatly appreciated. It would help greatly with covering the costs of materials and other fees associated with being an artist.