Buy gerotics a drink


Hey lovely ones, it's gerotics here and you can now Buy Me a Drink if you love my works and leave a message. As you may know my illustrations are for everyone's pleasure and free for anyone to enjoy in my Instagram. So buy me a drink it's a fun and easy metaphor to say thank you and support my art.

But how does it work? The drink is one shot so if you'd love me to drink more you're welcome! If you'll buy me a drink (any type, but just to know: my favorite is Gin and Tonic, yes I'm a basic bitch) you're my supporter and you will be able to see special content I post only for you!

What you will see? I will try to post unpublished illustrations in progress, extras as open commissions and more. I still have to figure it out how this works so be patient with me. But if you'll support me we will grow up together!

Thank you for your love anyway! Yours, G.