Today's inspiration are traumas and the sacred! I love symbols. They are everywhere!
I started drawing erotic scenes because I was going through the biggest trauma a teenage lesbian girl - I defined myself with the word lesbian before I realized the word bisexual fits me more - can have (joking!!!): HER FIRST BREAKUP! AND ONLY THE CLOSEST FRIENDS KNEW SHE (me) WAS IN LOVE! So I started drawing because I was hurt and the sex gave me strong emotions. My first time, my first love, my first true feelings. I was shocked. My body was shocked. I reached a level of pleasure and intimacy I was not ready to leave, yet. And I didn't want to feel nothing anymore. It was enough for me.

Of course it was just the beginning of my sexual and sexuality journey but let's be honest what did I know?

Recently I found this Tea Hacic's twit and I think she's right: women turn their trauma into a career. Also there's a Tik Tok that says to be careful with girls because they can literally work on something forever but if there's anything wrong they can just start over again.

This is my life now.

What about the sacred? “The sacred and the profane are two ways of being in the world, two existential situations assumed by humans in the course of history.” - Mircea Eliade.
When it's about to draw erotic scenes I often recall about this thought because I think it's interesting to connect the forbidden with fantasies. Of course the noun is my favorite character (to draw too, the costume is beautiful), but as a bi libra I have more than one weight and measure - so if we think about desire for me it's interesting how the priest/monk character is used in the allegories too. Where a human being represent a sacred value and they also become the lust's subject. If you ever watched Sex And The City or Fleabag you know what I'm talking about. The obsession of the woman with her man of the church, the sexual attraction and temptations or viceversa. The primordial Sin. This happen because when we desire we want it all. We focus on a detail but we imagine what it includes too.

did I intrigue you?