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My name is Gerrit Handl,

By buying me coffee you help me to create my art.
And because drawing is a constant process of learning I use a lot of my time to grow my studio. 

I draw from life - I am fascinated by the human form and I investigate my approach on the figure and postures every day. I always spent hours drawing in the studio and I am grateful that I was able to create my personal breeding ground for new exciting studies by establishing my own studio in Muizenberg. The building used to be called 'Villa Sundowner' and was formerly owned by Admiral Oblowitz. The Villa offers a lot more potential and I decided it should not be limited to hosting my personal studio space only.

Therefore I invented the ART | beat | Studio.  A collaborative project aiming to provide Infrastructure and opportunities for artists and artist models interested in growing a synergetic network.

I achieve this by running projects like:

- the ART beat STUDIO collaborative space

- The admirals artist residency

- a pop up gallery

- workshops, event- & rehearsal venue

- artist talks & dinners

- supported by the Muizenberg Lovestories bakery, restaurant & catering

To learn more and getting involved follow my accounts and learn about the people involved. I appreciate your support it will make a big difference in the way I can grow my team and upgrade our support for artists.

Gerrit Handl.