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My name is Gerrit Handl,
Thank you for visiting.
Allow me to introduce myself and our vision.
I am the Founder of the Admirals Artist Residency.

But as always only a good team will bring a project to life. Without my team at the #Muizenberglovestories and @southernenDo surf camp we wouldn't have been able to bring this project to life. 

I am a passionate observer of everything around me as an artist living and working in Muizenberg. Drawing is one of my most powerful tools to investigate,  construct, communicate and make sense of ideas where words cannot go.

Having taught guest, employees and instructors throughout my career I have always been able to rely on what I had initially learned by drawing. I am now finally at the point of bringing an artist residence to life in South Africa. I am ready to tackle my dream.

I want to provide artist residencies, support visiting artists and grow creativity within my team. Being at service and catering for the resident artists everyone involved will acquire new experiences, skills and most importantly an artist mindset. By doing so we create young leadership by in company training. Finally this will result in job opportunities and education for South Africa.

The artist in residence will profit from our infrastructure and can therefore excel in their work and careers. An artist residency is loaded with opportunity to fully...
DRAWfromLIFE and learn whilst collaborating with others and exchanging experiences. 

One part of the residencie is supported by your generous Donations.
Another part is generated by myself and the workforce of my team at the Muizenberg Lovestories project and the southernenDo... Surfcamp.

To learn more please follow our accounts and if you believe in us please leave a donation. Anything can help us in our mission to inspire by creativity.

Thank you very much.
We highly appreciate your support and will do our best to make the most of it.

Gerrit Handl
The #MuizenbergLovestories team.