Setting up Verizon email service on another platform to access both incoming and outgoing emails is somewhat easy, one would say. Be it of Outlook or iPhone device, without having any difficulties, you can easily set up the Verizon email client. Nevertheless, there’re certain instances by which any difficulties would arise.

To let off the problem, if you find any issue while getting through the setup Verizon email on iPhone or Outlook, the following information will help you out.

What Are You Supposed to Input for Verizon Email Settings on Outlook?

The following steps should be followed cautiously, or else you would be ended up setting it up wrong. So let’s get started!

·         Open the installed Outlook.

·         Navigate to File > Add Account.

·         Provide your name, Verizon email address, select “Advanced” options.

·         Check the box to let set up your account manually and select “Next.”

·         Choose your account type.

·         Under the account setting, enter your incoming and outgoing server settings and then select “Next.”

·         Enter the password and connect.

These are the quick points you should follow for Verizon email settings Outlook requires. Now, we move onto knowing the steps for how you can setup Verizon email on an iPhone device.

How Would One Can Setup Verizon Email on iPhone Device?

In short, it’s quite easy to set up Verizon email service on an iPhone – only you’re needed to follow a couple of steps. Here’s how:

·         From a Home screen, navigate through Settings > Mail > Accounts.

·         Tap on “Add Account.”

·         Tap one of the following: Personal (IMAP), Personal (POP3), Exchange.

·         Provide the details regarding both the incoming and outgoing server settings. For example, the hostname should be like: or

·         Next, the port number for both the server should be entered and once it’s over, save the changes you just made to complete the setup process.

With these easy-looking instructions, your difficulties regarding setup Verizon email on iPhone would surely be sorted out. Hope this short guide helped you in some way.

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