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Managed IT Services

Phasedlogix is a local IT company in Saint Louis, Missouri. We can offer you a more personal experience and technological services that big businesses can’t compete with. You can trust that we will do everything we can to help you get the best deal that you can feel confident about.

Business Services

We offer hosted e-mail, backup and disaster recovery, remote monitoring, Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems, firewalls, VPN, virtualization, and network management, and more. We can offer your business premium services with support agreements tailored to your needs.

PC Pickup, On-Site Service and more...

You can trust us to help you with your computer woes at Office or home. We offer on-site and remote tech support to our customers. Call or stop in today!

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Your walkthrough on setting up Nextcloud on TrueNAS saved me time. I'd probably have spent an hour searching for how to configure the trusted domain IP. Thanks!

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thanks for supporting me and my Videos

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Thank you for the Docker videos. Docker will be my choice to host my deep learning prediction models.

thanks for supporting me and my Videos. I have more Docker videos coming.

Manny Rodriguez
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Keep up the great work!

thanks for your support.

Chintan Athalye
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Thanks a lot for your video! I managed to set up a NextCloud with S3 Object Storage as Primary storage for my company after watching your videos! :)  Keep up the good work! I will be getting in touch with you if i need support on an advanced level! :)  Thanks!  Chintan

happy to be helpful.