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Welcome 2021 Year of change (5)

Jan 10, 2021

Welcome back!

2021 is the year of uncertainty and changes, so buckle up it's going to be a ride. In numerology when the year gets added to a single digit "the universal number" in this case is 5. Freedom will be the energy we will ALL feel as a collectives from January 1-December 31. Yup! That means that this year is not one to make long term plans. Eventually you will switch it up and choose a different route. The recommendation is to set short term intentions, and have fun while we are at it.

What does that look like for those of us with children, work, business owners and so forth. Since the year is about change, look back at 2020 (not long ago) and see what truly transpired. What area (s) in your life did you struggle to keep together? Was that your love life? Your awareness of self-love? Your creative side? These are a few example because WE are a lot. LOL (corny but cute). Take a moment to feel how that particular area in your life would look like if it was new and improved. Can you actually home school and work at the same time? If not get help. Can you be in a relationship and not love yourself? Catch my drip!!

The first 5 months of the year we have mercury going retrograde in February. The next one will be May 2021, thank you universe. The communication gates are open with little friction. However your natal chart does play a major role. Visit Astro.com to get it for free (you need your birth time). Otherwise we have been liberated from retrogrades until May that is quite a relief; 2020 retro hit us ALL hard. Energetically we will not be pushed to re-do, re-think or review what we have been putting into practice. This can be a catch 22 (a bite in the butt). When the planets retrograde it gives us all an opportunity to slow down and catch any mistakes. Be sure that you double check everything.

This year is packed so I will not do it all in one sitting to allow us to digest and act as the energies arrive. I will be sharing monthly insights with you all here on Galactic Hoodbudda Support Group Stay tune for our monthly challenges, mediation, reiki sessions and much more.

Coming up we have the New Moon in Capricorn brining out our bossy side. Tarot video will be poste d for members to see. Weekly Facebook live predictions also go down every Saturday at 8 am.

Peace Out Soul Tribe!

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