May 13, 2021

Starting a Nonprofit

Starting A NonprofitNonprofits are generally a product of passion. The first statement by a founder is generally "By golly, somebody should do something about [fill in the blank]! I'm going to start a nonprofit so I can fix it!" How many people know that simple statement actually translates into (this is the short list): I will define a vision for a nonprofit organizationI will define the organization's mission to do something about [fill in the... more

Mar 29, 2022

Myth #37: "We don't have a budget."

Many startup nonprofits have immediate financial issues - mainly, fund-raising. The first question I always ask is, "What is your budget?" An answer I get often is, "We don't have a budget."That is a myth. Every nonprofit (every organization!) has a budget. Some just haven't written it down. Those are the ones in real trouble.You can create a historical budget from your organization's bank statements. If you are paying your nonprofit's expenses from your... more

Feb 21, 2022

How Do I Fund My Nonprofit?

Sometimes, people don't realize this until it is too late, but "nonprofit" does not mean "needs no money." It simply means that profit is not the fundamental purpose of the organization. Not having profit as a fundamental purpose usually means you are providing a product or service that is not cost-effective or the target audience cannot afford it on its own. How do you make up the shortfall? Here are the major ways to fund your nonprofit: Self-Funding. You or the board... more

Aug 05, 2021


A for-profit is formed to make a profit for its owners.A nonprofit is formed for a primary purpose other than making a profit. Usually, this purpose is for the public good. Both types of corporations are formed at the State level.How do you decide which one your proposed company will be? One easy question to consider - who is paying for your product or service? If you sell products or provide services to people, you are probably a for-profit. If you make products or provide services to people... more

Jul 26, 2021


Here's a secret a lot of people don't seem to know: When you start a nonprofit, the first thing you need to get is not a logo. You really do not want a flashy website with a custom logo and no idea how you are going to pay for anything your organization will do. Here are some questions to ask yourself and your board: Who are our clients?What are we going to do for them? Where are our clients located? How much will our services cost? Where do we get the money? Those are critical... more

Jun 19, 2021

Why are you starting a nonprofit?

A tax-exempt nonprofit in the US is an organization that is founded for the public good - it does not have profit as its main objective. In return for helping others, it is exempted from income tax and donations to it are tax deductible (somewhat.) If you are starting a nonprofit, you have found a cause and you want to work to solve a problem. You have defined a mission and you have a plan for achieving the mission. This is the reason to start a nonprofit. I have heard a lot of reasons to start... more

May 15, 2021

Broccoli Cupcakes

Once upon a time, there was a middle-aged man named Peter. Peter had a decent job, a loving wife, but he was just not happy. Peter was good at his IT job and had been doing it for years, but what he really wanted to do was open a bakery to sell broccoli cupcakes. Peter loved broccoli cupcakes! They were his passion. He made his family try them, and his wife said they were "OK", and the dogs ate a bunch of them, including most of his wife's. When he mentioned the idea at a party,... more

Starting a Nonprofit
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Broccoli Cupcakes
Why are you starting a nonprofit?