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Hi, I'm Amy, and you might have got here through my Instagram (@thisgingertravels) or my blog of the same name!

First and foremost, I love travelling. I also love writing, reading and scuba diving. Coronavirus unfortunately took a big hit on my plans, which you can read about in my blog.

I've been writing blogs since August, featuring all my tips and tricks for different countries and the experiences I've had. If you enjoy them, you can now give me a tip, so that I can carry on writing these posts for you and be able to afford a coffee on the side, as I make no other profit from this blog!

I will be extremely grateful for every single coffee, as I am currently unemployed and having to pay rent, alongside trying to sustain my blog and keep the content coming!

Hope you enjoy my posts and thank you for visiting my page.

Love, Amy (@thisgingertravels) x