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Hello! We are Girl Crush Podcast. GCP officially launched in Feb 2020 but our journey really started in 2019 when we saw what was, objectively, a list incorrectly rating Jennifer Aniston's movies.  So we set out to watch, rate, and rank all of them! 

Along the way, our aspirations turned from writing a Buzzfeed article to turning this into a full blown podcast.  We are on Season 3 now! We love this podcast. It keeps us connected as we now live 1,000 miles a part and is such a continuously fun project.  Maybe this should be called "buy me a movie rental" since we have double the movie rental fees now! 

We are so grateful to all of our listeners all over the world. We hope you can tune in to GCP and not only hear about your favorite films, but also learn with us, laugh with us, reminisce with us, and crush with us on these amazing women in film!