Hi There,

Trying to kickstart my journey to be a Home Decor go-to person for anyone who is looking at making budget changes to their home style. I am no Interior designer but definitely a Home styling enthusiast. A girl who has loved her hobby of decorating her own home and is now looking to expand her playground. It's a slow start but for me the journey of starting somewhere is important.

Home styling brings me happiness, I love scrolling through the pages of Amazon.in to curate my wishlists and help my friends buy some products that they like to buy spend a serious amount of time going through the product reviews and seller details to ensure they are legit. I keep looking for unique items not too expensive but just the right feel. I am a part-time personal shopper for my friends and family.

So here I am on buymeacoffee looking for network and support to sail out my hobby and make it work.

The website I built from scratch having no clue how to do it but made a lot of effort learning through various articles, videos on youtube and finally the website feels right. Please do check it out https://girlwhodecor.in/

Yours listmakingly