A non-fungible token (NFT) is a special type of token that represents the deed and certificate of authenticity written on the blockchain of a unique asset.

Photo by Andrey Metelev on Unsplash

I was quite frightened at the idea of purchasing an NFT.
I was scared for a variety of reasons, for example:
- ETH fluctuations, in fact in the face of an ETH dump the NFT purchased could have lost a lot of value;
- large gas fees I would have to pay on blockchain Ethereum;
- not being able to show everyone this purchase;

Over time, however, I became very informed, scoffing at my fear, so I set out to find an NFT to purchase.
Browsing on OpenSea I reached a really cool creator, CRUTCHNFT.

CrutchNFT on OpenSea

They have created several collections, but the one that impressed me the most was (H)AT DRAWER, and after viewing several of them I pointed my finger at one specific NFT. 

Some NFT of (H)AT DRAWER Collection

All my fears vanished into thin air, the fear of the ETH dump was gone as I realized I was buying a work of art, as such, value is somewhat subjective.
The fear of elevated gas fees was not there, as these NFTs were created on Polygon Blockchain, which has gas fees of very few cents, and it was also super easy to purchase it with my credit card.
The fear about sharing the purchase was gone as I have the ability to share it on a variety of social channels.

I chose NFT #49, one of the most beautiful in my opinion, and a few weeks after the purchase I decided to put it on sale at a cost of 49 ETH.

(H)AT DRAWER #49 Listed for sale

Of course, the price set was purely related to the serial number of the NFT in its collection.

And now… I just have to wish myself to sell it.