Cue music - It's Our Anniversary by Tony! Toni! Tone`!

Where do I start!! All I wanted to do was put out something that inspired and motivated people who were in the mature stage of their lives. I hope we have done that. This podcast almost didn't happen. I simply thought you record something and upload it and keep it moving. Well the joke was on me because there was so much more to it. I found that I have gotten so much more out of this podcast than I thought. The guests are truly amazing!! As they our pouring into our tribe they are also pouring into me. I definitely take something from each and everyone of them and I hope you have as well.

With 24 episodes under our belt and 23 guests thus far and counting. I have to thank all the guests who have come on to this podcast with an interesting name! Thank you for never questioning the name but understanding the meaning behind it and how important the message of Giving Happiness, Empowerment and Development is needed for everyone.

I would also like to thank Kim @goldensummer16 for coming on this journey with me and being a wonderful co-host. Also Ms. Lene Greene goalstandard_ because without her podcast course Podcast to Purpose known now as Amplify Your Podfluence this podcast may have not seen the light! Also everyone who has kept me encouraged and who has been so supportive of this purpose.

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