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As an hobbyist Gypsy Jazz guitar player who practices a lot with play alongs at home, i always wished there was something better than YouTube. A place where i could focus on my music, track my favorite artists and find that really awesome song within a few clicks.

..."Show me all Minor Swing play alongs"

..."Now sort them by upload date!"

That's what gave me the idea to create The website is running ad-free and i'm developing it on my free time. I also try to keep it up to date when new songs are uploaded on YouTube.

Your support is very much appreciated and will be used to buy faster hosting and to support the active development of the site.

These are some of the ideas/goals i have for the future:

- Pay for a faster database

- Mailing list with the newly uploaded songs

- Sort songs by most played

- Share button for social media

- Suggest a channel

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Mike Metzger
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