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Author, former ACO (animal control officer). 

I wrote the Discord Jones series (and hope to add to it) among other titles. I help save dogs on a daily basis through a rescue, and have helped do that since 2015.

I've just gotten released to work again after an on-the-job injury from being attacked by a dog. Still love 'em. But that has got me in a bit of a pickle and I gotta pay the bills! Not sure just food delivery is going to do that, but that's what I can immediately jump into.

I've joined here to help me continue to be able to help rescue, foster, and transport. And write new stories, of course. 

By choosing to support me, I'll be able to continue helping dogs in need through fostering and transporting, and running our rescue's free spay/neuter program. You'll see and learn about a LOT of cute dogs as fosters come and go.

I will include updates and excerpts for any stories I'm working on, and new ones will be available for purchase here as I release them.

Thank you.