Buy Five Star Services a coffee


Please pay for your support request by buying your Client Services Agent one or more cups of coffee.  The amount should be based on the difficulty of the task. For example:

1. You lost your log-in or didn't bookmark the page so you can't figure out how to get back to the submitter.  If when you filled out the support ticket and you included the name of the person who you paid and the name of the item you purchased then the client support agent can quickly locate your information and send it to you.  That is worth 1 cup.  If you left the receipt out and we have to go back and forth with you after we told you in advance to be very detailed then that will be 2 cups.   If you've lost access to multiple memberships, figure out how many and do the math.  

It's like if you lose your house key or your car key, you can't call the car manufacturer or the contractor who built the house, it's not their fault, you have to call the locksmith and he isn't going to do it for free.

2. If you ask a question that we've already answered but you don't know the answer because you chose not to read the material we've put together for you like, the policies, all the pages connected to the policies, or any other pages on our sites then there would be a charge for that.  

Go read all the material, the policies link is at the bottom of every page you should have read it before you bought anything from us.  Seriously, who buys something without knowing the terms of the sale?

Now the good stuff....

$1 from each cup is used to help the Boys & Girls Clubs of America keep kids safe by providing a positive environment where they can learn, play and grow.  Happy Kids are Awesome!

$1 from each cup is donated to the ASPCA which was founded on the belief that animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans and must be protected. We agree.

In the comment box include a short ad and we'll treat you to a free Super Solo Ad package. Your ad will be sent out 5 times, 12 hours apart to 10k random people on a popular credit based safelist and you'll get a bonus submission to our Bulk Blast submitter, you can read about that here. After you put in your ad it will ask you if you want it to be private, don't check the box and be sure you use your real name, we have to be able to match the name on the payment to the name on the ad.

So let's  sum it up, out of the $4 from the cup of coffee the Client Services Agent gets $2, the kids get $1, the critters get $1 and you get a Super Solo Ad package valued at $5.99 This is a no brainer! 

Everyone Wins!  :-)