Ever had a challenge with blood circulation where your feet or hands got numb and you couldn't feel them, which caused you to panic? Well this is a cause of oxygenated blood not being evenly distributed to those parts of the body at the time. Compression Leg Wear are used to aid in preventative ways to assist the blood to be evenly distributed in these areas of the body.

Compression leg wear have been around for a long time but most styles have been limited to an older audience and for sport enthusiasts, hence a very plain, unfashionable look. As we have noticed over the years, poor circulation does not only affect the old but the young and also professionals. Everybody on the planet should wear compression leg wear at some point in time:

  • Doctors, nurses, health care professionals and assistants

  • People traveling long distances who are restricted in movement

  • Athletes

  • People who stand on their feet all day or night for work

  • The Elderly

  • Persons with Vericose Vains

These leg wear not only do the job but they feel good and look good; very fashionable. So if you know someone or people who need these, or you want one for yourself, get a pair or two here or click the image below and other links above.