Creating an avatar of your customer is an important task to complete - for anyone wanting to succeed in any type of business. However, many gurus and business books will tell you to break down the avatar like this:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Location

  • Income

  • Ethnic Group

All of this is cool and important, except one: - Ethnic Group

However, when creating an avatar solely this way, you will most likely create one that is based on what YOU look like or who you envy, which can be dangerous.

If you are looking to create an avatar, here is what you should be considering instead.

Create your pricepoint. If you want this to be a high-ticket (5k and up) product, write that down first. If you are pricing lower, write that down. You will have a baseline to work with. As you create this product, you will automatically disqualify folks that aren't in that pricepoint, without having to use race or ethnicity to do it.

Create your marketing angle. If you want to create a "lifestyle-brand" type of marketing, then tailor it to the demographic that you want to buy from you. It is NOT a good idea to showcase high-end labels to market to people that can barely afford to eat right now. So, make sure that the marketing angle and the pricepoint are in complete alignment.

Understand the stage in the Buying Cycle they are in. While there are several types of buying cycles for various niches, the buying cycle involves the customer coming to the awareness that they have a problem that can be solved. They conduct research, compare products, and then make a choice to purchase one of the solutions. This is extremely important. You don't want to offer too much too soon or too little.

Treat the person as a person. When you write to the nameless and faceless crowds, the copy will come off as robotic and even inhumane. Instead, when you use the information you’ve gleaned as you created your avatar, you can now go back and use words that humanize the person consuming your content in a very personal way. Your audience should shape your writing in every way. From the power words you use to the examples you include and the stories you tell. Your audience will inform which products you create, what services you provide, and what you recommend in both categories to them. They are the only reason you’re here. By focusing on the audience of one and creating your avatar, you’ll get closer than ever to make them feel as if you’re reading their mind in every message you send to them.

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