Sofia got a second chance at life, when she received a liver transplant 11 years ago. She has been perfectly healthy for many years and our journey gave us the inspiration to start SOFIA GIVES BACK. A non profit to help out single mothers and children, who need an organ transplant. Financial help to cover daily needs and to bring sunshine to the hospital.Share our story and how life with an organ transplant has no limits.

Miami Transplant institute and Holtz Children's Hospital was our home for 5 years, and still life with an organ transplant comes with frequent visits for blood tests and check ups.

Our goal is to buy a RV...home for us and a head courters for our GLOW WORK. We are both psychic mediums. Mom is a Reiki Master and as a team, we do sound healing and fun readings/ spiritual coaching and energy work as well. 

Your donations goes to




*Sofia Gives Back 501c3 filing

*Glow Work - Spiritual Bootcamp LLC filing

*all the things that make the RV a home

*singing bowls

*sound system

*tuning forks

WE THANK YOU AND LOVE YOU...and look forward to pulling up on your drive way for you to GLOW.