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crazy vector guru with affinity to FOSS, creates free stuff

My name is Sirko Kemter, I working since more then 10 years as designer for various open source projects and do a lot of design work. Besides that I publish most of my work under free licenses, I am one of the top contributors of the openclipart library and also an librarian there. Even my cliparts have been downloaded from there more as 1 million times, I never got a cent for it. On the other hand I saw them often in the real world used for business purposes, what s ok for me. I love coffee helps me to stay awake and draw more
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Never used your clipart, but I believe I may some day and wanted to make sure I compensated you.

many thanks

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Can you create 2 whimsical Mary Poppins images for $20.

sorry for the late answer, I did sent you an email

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