Good morning all. Today is day 1 on our journey to create Project Hermes here, on Amateur Radio Outdoors. Starting today, every blog post on our Buy Me A Coffee site we'll have a corresponing audio version on our AnchorFM Channel. So, if you're reading this post, make sure to also subscribe to be able to be notified about this post below

My name is Luis (KC7ILO / HI8ILO), originally from the Dominican Republic and now living in Switzerland, and I'm the founder of Amateur Radio Outdoors.

This is a global community of amateur radio operators whose purpose is to promote amateur radio operations and equip the next generation of mobile operators.

In this journey, we will explore the great outdoors with you, and together we will learn, as we enjoy, ultra-portable radio operations.

Our goals as a community are:

  • Elevate the state of the art of amateur radio.

  • Create new forms, tools, and techniques for ultra-portable amateur radio operations.

  • Prepare ourselves continuously for when our unique skillsets might be needed for ourselves and others.

  • Go outdoors and have fun!

As a community we will strive and hold ourselves to the highest standards of proper etiquette and the DX Code of Conduct will be our go-to when conducting ourselves on the air.

All good and great but

What is Project Hermes?

This will be the code name for a set of guidelines designed to rapidly prepare candidates to become amateur radio operators, help them set up an ultra-portable amateur radio station kit, and train on a very specific skill set.

The main goal of this project is to create an international group of operators that are ready to respond to local or global incidents and help both themselves and their communities.

Coming from a developing country, we've found that although most developed and developing countries do have amateur radio operators that are very much active, the majority of said communities are either not properly set up to respond to incidents or emergencies in terms of their training and capabilities but also most of them have a structure that is prone to failure.

We want to help fix that by addressing the following problems:

  • Help address the "interoperability" problem that might come when operators are not properly equipped to interact with their government officials when an incident occurs.

  • Create a flexible command structure that can self-organize rapidly.

  • Standardize using the concept of an ultra-portable digital reference station that maximizes capability with minimal weight and space requirements.

  • Maximize operator ability by continuously train and refine the tools, guidelines, and operations kit.

  • Create all of this in multiple languages to help address international incidents.

And although we understand the complexity of the project and that tools, training, and a lot of content do exist, we also understand the road to achieving this by an operator alone is not easy.

This is why we also want to create the support structure to have Project Hermes grow fast and organically globally.

And, if you finished reading this post or if you reached the end of our attached video post, we thank you for your support, which is greatly appreciated.

Please do share with others, as this journey is just starting and we will need the support of many others.

See you tomorrow,

73 de KC7ILO (Luis)