New H9000 Algorithm Released - 14 Stage ...

New H9000 Algorithm Released - 14 Stage Wrap

Sep 21, 2022

Hi all,

Just letting you know of a new algorithm that we've just released. This time it's a non-linear dynamic distortion called 14 Stage Wrap. This algorithm allows you to amplify the signal, but instead of clipping, the signal will wrap from positive full scale to negative full scale up to 14 times, and with 50dB or headroom, any signal remaining unwrapped can be kept clean, or can clip by increasing the output gain.

This algorithm is broadly similar to the Kurzweil VAST DSP block of the same name, though is more versatile.

This algorithm is available for free from and there is a video demonstrating it at

Next week is a much more versatile version for subscribers only, called Super Wrap. Stay tuned.

Also, we've uploaded an update to our VSIG Module Reference Guide for any of you that are getting stuck into programming on the H9000.

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