Apple Iphone may be left without google and facebook (ios 14,ios14.5)

With the release of iOS 14, Apple decided to limit the tracking of iPhone and iPad user activities, and also forced all developers, including giants like Facebook, and Google to report what user data they collect.

Now, if you open the app in the App Store, you can see what data is collected from the user. And if you open Facebook in the App Store, you can see an endless list of data that is collected from the user.

Now, with the release of new versions of iOS 14.5 and above, Apple will oblige app developers to ask users permission to collect information and after the user sees what data the application will have access to - most likely, the user will not allow the application to track its data.

What happens next?

For now, advertising in the applications will remain, but it will not meet your needs - so it will not be effective.

And if advertising is not effective, it will bring less money, and the developers will begin to understand that it is no longer possible to make money from advertising.

In this case, developers will have to implement payment for using applications or leave IOS and iPad OS at all.

In conclusion, Facebook makes the main profit from advertising and without advertising it is simply unprofitable for them to stay on IOS and iPad OS.

It's not all that obvious with Google, but they're likely to stop supporting some of their apps. What do you think? Write in the comments