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Thank you for stopping by! I really appreciate it.

My name's Gosia and I'm a hybrid Canadian artist who practices in glass craft, traditional printmaking, and digital illustration. My studio practice appears under the name Willowind Studios while my print-on-demand digital work runs under Spicy Honey Heart. Between the two, SHH is the most accessible while I work on building a home studio.

I also volunteer my time to two non-for-profit organizations. I'm the Fundraising Chair for Print London, a collective of artists determined to collaborate and emphasize how awesome traditional printmaking is to our community. I am also the visual marketer for the Glass Art Association of Canada, which is also determined to connect people with a common love of the craft.  One of these efforts, for which I am the lead for, is a special project called the GAACzine.

Anyone who knows me can tell you I don't do things without giving 110%. Balancing this with my own practice has been challenging but also incredibly satisfying.

I've been out of school and working hard running my practices but COVID19 pandemic has hit me pretty hard. While I'm incredibly fortunate to be able to be here for my family, I've encountered more hurdles and barriers than opportunities. I'm very passionate about my work, and I will admit that I feel hopeless at ever paying off my loans and making a proper living. I hope that, if you like my work and wish to support me, you might consider helping me out. Maybe once, or maybe every so often, that's up to you; I'd appreciate it all the same.

I will continue to pour myself into my work. If you'd like to visit my online shops or social media platforms, you can check out my SHH linktree. If you'd like to see what's going on in the studio, you can follow my WW linktree. At least that way you get something in exchange for your patronage, but it is viewable for free.

I will also be offering perks that you can get through a monthly/yearly membership, concerning any of my practices. This form of patronage grants you more thorough access to behind-the-scenes content, such as members-only process posts and Close-Friends Instagram stories. Some of these things sometimes air on my Facebook & Instagram stories, but the difference here is that these perks are more informative and personal. 

I have also released two extras!!

Digital Commissions is listed at $0 to let you signup for a consultation. Standard prices are listed in the banner, so upon entering conversation we'll work out what you'd like and settle on the final price. My online shops, instagrams and website all act as portfolios, so I hope you find something to your liking and consider ordering a commission!

*A traditional commission portal under construction

A digital copy of A Beautiful Death: Process Document is also up for grabs, for $15! A one-time purchase of a detailed and elaborate book I made in my final year of study.

So! A lot to choose from. But... if you just want to buy me a coffee (or a lifesblood), for liking what I do? You're amazing. Thank you so much for reading!!


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