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Episode 149: Mystery Shopping

Oct 22, 2021

Mystery Shopping is probably the biggest side hustle you never thought was legit.  

It’s TOTALLY legit.

I’ve been doing mystery shopping since 2013 and my main reason behind starting up with this was - you guessed it - money money money.  In this case I needed money BADLY.  My hubby had been very sick for some time and I could not take any more payday loans.  Yes - sometimes a side hustle does come out of desperation.  But I stuck with this one because I actually enjoy it AND it’s a good way to make some extra money doing something that you likely had to do already.

I got started doing Mystery Shopping with cell phone audits - I would line up 8 to 10 of them in a weekend.  Let me tell you, I learned SO much about mobile phones...when my hubby and I were looking at upgrades, I would always take him along on some phone audits so we could make informed decisions.  I soon discovered that I could basically get my grocery shopping reimbursed with a few shops here and there.  So I have stuck with this and have made close to $5000 over the years.  And this is only doing 4-5 shops a month on the average.  

Some of my favorite agencies include Trend Source and ISS Shopping.  But there are dozens and dozens of agencies.  A quick google search will get you moving along.  

Give it a try!  But stay out of my territory - LOL - I’ve got dibs!!

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