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Hi Foodie!

We're Gourmet Scans, a group consists of fun staff members helping out each other to enjoy our hobby by pouring each of our talents into the scans work~ We love foods and we can't live without foods xD (It's only a miracle if we can live without food tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Anyway, we're not here for any paid content! We don't sell any of our translation, advanced chapters stuffs etc. All contents of our scanlation work is FREE!

This is only the page of our supporters/readers who wanted to treat us a coffee to show their love *ahem* to support us maintaining our website and hobby xoxo (Sorry, this admin reads too many love comics (=゚ ω゚)つ )゚∀゚)

Thank you!

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