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Clyde bought a coffee.

Hey Govind - excellent article and hugely helpful. You're one of the few beacons in a dark world.

Hey Clyde, I'm glad it helped you. Thank you for the coffee and compliment as well 😊 ☕️ Cheers!

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It took me some time but it still works!!!

Hi Dan,Yes, I keep updating the article frequently in case of any glitch. Thanks for the coffee :)  

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Thank you so much. I went through a breakup recently and wasn't ready to lose my ex-girlfriend's messages when I got my new Android. Your wonderful instructions, attention to detail, and user-friendly language helped me keep these messages, and gave me so much peace of mind and comfort. Thank you.

Hey Tamar,Sorry to hear that and I'm glad the guide helped you!Thanks for the compliments and for the coffee as well ☕️.Cheers!

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Thanks for guiding through the WhatsApp  iphone to android hassle. 

Hey Wouter, I'm glad it helped you! Thanks for the coffee ☕️.Cheers!

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Great job man!! It worked perfectly.

Hi Nico, I'm super happy to see, the article is helping hundreds of people worldwide. Thanks for the coffee ☕️.Cheers!