So I tend to take a few series of photos over the month to keen myself (and hopefully you!) entertained in these weird times.

These felt like something I wanted to share with people here, just because they are more personal and probably reflect my home life more. (Ahem- not every day, thermals do also make an appearance. Challenge accepted to make those look hot!)

so I hit schedule earlier in the week on this.

and then.

As a lot of you know I had some really nasty comments sent on social media. Which honestly is really unusual for me. Thankfully.

And I tell you it threw my confidence to have another woman tell me off for showing my body. And reminding me it wasn’t perfect.

Then I hit delete.

But today I put my proper grown up rational head on and said “fuck this”. My body isn’t stereotypically perfect. And definitely I have happier days with it and less happy days. But I also know that the more I share what my view of what sexy can look like , the more I hope to encourage anyone of any gender to own theirs and feel great. When you see someone else imperfect in it’s perfect way, doesn’t it make you feel so much safer? Cuter? Confident? Remembering what a real, untouched body looks like and how great that is.

Or perhaps just an over thought explanation to - here’s some cute underwear!