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Writing a professional dissertation discussion sometimes may pose problems after writing your dissertation results. While dissertation results do not give personal opinion of your findings, a custom dissertation discussion is all about your personal view of the findings. You are expected to discus dissertation findings and evaluate them in relation to dissertation hypothesis. The analysis, though written with undertones of a personal view, need to be constructive and critical of your research findings. When writing high quality discussion section of the dissertation, avoid being biased. Refer to your literature review section, with more emphasis on the theoretical base of your dissertation topic in order to give a balanced view of the findings. The discussion section need to be a clear explanation of the findings, with quality interpretations of their results. There are two ways of presenting your discussions; qualitative dissertation discussion or quantitative dissertation discussion. Learn more on the two approaches.

A quantitative analysis.

A quantitative analysis of your findings expects you to give an analysis of statistical data and all other kind of scientific testing you carried in your research. A dissertation discussion has to be based strongly on the dissertation hypothesis, in order to show how it has proved it or disapproved it. Dissertation discussion has to relate clearly to your literature review and research methodology, while at the same time highlighting on the next course of action. Do not forget to mention your limitations in carrying out your research.

Qualitative dissertation discussion.

Qualitative findings in your dissertation discussions have to give their full reviews, while sticking to the dissertation research question. Let the theoretical framework provided by your literature review guide all your discussions. All unexpected and surprising results from your findings need to be highlighted. Qualitative findings discussions likewise need to be given factual and reflective comments while at the same time leading your dissertation discussions to a further research.

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