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Grade Corner was originally inspired by a frustrated family who had two children attending public schools in Washington, DC. After many end-of-term arguments and finger pointing, a prototype app was created to assist both children and parents.

After showing the app to a few family and friends, it quickly gained popularity in the local middle school. And then started to grow city-wide.

Then one Christmas break, while visiting family in Massachusetts, we discovered that nieces and nephews are also using Aspen. So the app was adapted for their school district. Eventually, more and more school districts were added including Chicago Public Schools and Boston Public Schools.

Join thousands of students across the country who use Grade Corner daily. Having grades in your pocket encourages timely conversations with teachers about assignments to assist the learning process.

Grade Corner is developed by a single person in his part time. If you find Grade Corner useful, why not buy me a coffee?

Top Photo by Agence Olloweb on Unsplash