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I've been in quarantine for 180 days, which feels unreal. Making and sharing my art and comics has helped me stay connected with people during these wild times. Getting snail mail from a friend feels extra special.

Membership: for $10/month members will receive 2 handmade postcards in the mail each month. They will also have access to members-only blog posts here, which will feature exclusive new Quarantine Comics.

I will contact each new member to get their mailing address.

We’re all going through so much right now, but we’ll get through it together. Please be safe.


Sue and Terry Grabb
Sue and Terry Grabb is now a member.
Maya Press
Maya Press is now a member.

I've loved your drawings for a long time and am excited to receive some! I'm thinking they will be a nice monthly snail mail surprise for my preschool classroom of 1.

@slowbowl bought 2 coffees.

hey grant, feeling the unreals as well, love your stuff, hope you're good. 

John Wheatley
John Wheatley is now a member.

Luv yr stuff, baby.  These are blank postcards I can send to other people? 

Rachel Hallas
Rachel Hallas bought 5 coffees.

Love this ❤️