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Day 140

Aug 01, 2020

I made this for my friend's birthday. They draw a lot of swans.

I've been working on some projects, which I'll post more about soon. :)... see more

Day 130

Jul 22, 2020

Here are some old sketches from my composition notebook for the daily quarantine comic. Some of these ideas didn't make the cut, but I think elements from some of them went on to be other comic... see more

Day 128

Jul 20, 2020

Here are the pencils for Coffee at Night #3. I still haven't come up with names for these two yet, but I am getting a better idea of their personalities. There was a lot more text in this comic... see more

Day 127

Jul 19, 2020

Here's a page from my sketchbook. I was figuring out the design of the puppy character from the Coffee at Night comicstrip I've been working on.... see more

Day 126

Jul 18, 2020

I've been drawing in my sketchbook more. I've also been super lazy. Sometimes you just gotta take a break from the madness and binge-watch bad tv in bed for a bit...and eat pizza.... see more

Day 108

Jul 03, 2020

This drawing is based on a photo (see below) that I took while walking around the city. You may have noticed that I've been drawing more from my photos lately. The daily comic is evolving into ... see more

Day 107

Jul 03, 2020

It's been pretty darn humid lately, but lucky for us human misery makes for good comedy. I penciled the grid that I've been using lately in the daily comic, but ended up erasing it later o... see more

Day 104

Jun 27, 2020

I drew a t-shirt & tote bag design for Toast's relief fund. Then I drew a comic about it to help raise awareness.... see more

Day 103

Jun 25, 2020

For months I've been mulling over ways to bring my comics and photography together. I think I've finally started to make some progress these last three days (101-103).... see more

Day 102

Jun 24, 2020

Today's comic was based on a photo I took yesterday (see below). I decided to have some fun with it and see what happened.... see more