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The Grapevine has existed getting on for some 25 years now. The costs (which include professional hosting, bandwidth, backup storage, email services, software licences and other costs) have been provided out-of-pocket by a very small number of shadowy characters. This is because BFC supporters' money was being more usefully donated to more critical causes such as keeping the club afloat. It has also been advert-free to provide a far superior experience to BFC fans.

Additionally the Grapevine has provided fans with Lockdown Zoom Calls with club legends and Thomas Frank; the drone videos of the new stadium; and the ability to put questions to Matthew, Thomas and others via our regular interviews and meet-ups.

Now that the club is financially stable (thanks to you-know-who and our recent promotion), The Grapevine is now seeking donations from users to defray the costs of keeping it running. This will also enable us to remain ad-free. 

Please support this resource for Brentford fans either by via a one-off donation ("Support"), or ideally, by a monthly membership package ("Membership") for continuing support for the Grapevine.