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I create videos about gravel cycling. I'm based in Staffordshire but ride anywhere I can around the UK. 

I started my YouTube channel just to document my rides for myself but it appears that others enjoy watching them as well. 

I currently do this as a hobby in my spare time and self finance everything, I am too small for YouTube monetisation and channel partners, so for now it is  just me, my bike and a camera. Searching for those golden nuggets of trails we all love to ride.

Who knows where my adventures will take me and how big my channel will grow.

If you like what I'm doing and would like to support my channel and help me to grow then welcome aboard, lets enjoy the adventure together.

I suspect if this grows I will be add extra content and updates. If you fancy getting together for a group ride just let me know.

So, if you like my videos, please consider saying thanks by buying me a coffee. Catch up soon. Thanks.