Hello folks!

I am here to announce that we've updated the Acolyte Membership update to include an additional reward! You can now add critical hit and fumble submissions to the show! I'll add a link to the submission form in it's own post, but I am happy to let you all know that members at our Acolyte tier can submit a critical hit or fumble table option!

Once we have 20 critical hit and fumble submissions (as in 20 critical hits and 20 critical fumbles) we will start using those submissions on our show instead of the premade tables I purchased years ago. I think this is an incredibly fun and cool way to give you guys a little bit more rewards for the show. I'm hoping that by adding this early enough (2 episodes into the season 1 release,) we can hopefully have enough critical hits and fumbles to begin using them when we start recording season 2! Which means get those critical hits and submissions in fast!

Thank you all for your support, and let's make these criticals extra fun! Bonus points for using some in-world lore in your descriptions!