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Hey 👋 My name is Sylvia van Can and as the owner of Project Greenify, I am passionate about publishing a sustainable lifestyle blog that is not only close to my heart but also informative to my readers.

In my opinion, it is very important to spread global awareness about the current state of our planet and share inspiration for a more sustainable lifestyle in small steps! We should all care about the future of our children, don’t you think?

My blog is geared towards creating positive lifestyle changes by incorporating sustainability efforts to our daily lives starting from the smallest purchases to the greater and grander endeavors. 

With your donation, I would like to show the world more about the smart eco-friendly innovations of the Netherlands. My aim is to travel across my country and give my donators the first peak of my eco-adventures in our little high-tech country. I hope my videos will give other people all over the world inspiration for other innovative projects for more sustainability on our planet.

Please also check my Insta account with > 5,000 followers for more information about my passion. And, if you have an eco-business and would like to become my coffee-partner on a regular basis for monthly promotion, please contact directly: [email protected]

Join our community and create a more sustainable lifestyle in small steps!

Kind regards,
Sylvia van Can