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Hey, there 👋,

Thanks for dropping by. My name is Tapas Adhikary. I am a technology blogger, speaker, software programmer. I'm passionate about sharing knowledge, free mentoring, and contributing to open-source projects.

I write articles on JavaScript, Software Development, Blogging, Web Technologies, Jamstack, and Leadership. I have a blog hosted using the Hashnode platform. I am also an author of freeCodeCamp news and publish my articles on, HackerNoon, etc.

I love doing side-projects and to date made many of them open-source. Please have a look at my GitHub repositories to know more about it.

I love coffee ☕. Every coffee bought to me helps in maintaining my servers that host many of my side projects. It also helps me to renew subscriptions of the tools used to support the article writing.

Thanks for supporting! 🙏


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