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Get this!

You made it... Great and Welcome

So I managed to bring you to this sight. Perhaps your just curious like i was.. What is "Buy me a coffee"....?

I first got to this site through Tradingview myself awhile back. I saw an idea somebody posted and followed the link. Arriving where we are now, but what a great idea. I wish Tradingview had this attached to their site. 

So the idea here is I try and get you to "Buy me a beer"... How do I do that ??? Well i like to look for a win - win situation, Soooooooooo heres the deal!

1 BEER - I will send you an e-mail that outlines how i go about looking for my trades through how i set up and what i'm looking for. Not an exhaustive e-mail,  but how i go about my TOP DOWN APPROACH and some specifics to my

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