Do you wish someone would write you a love poem?

Well, search no further, friends!

A short time ago I shared a link for an upcoming writers workshop taught by Marta Kauffman, one of the writers of the TV show Friends. One of the most prolific television shows, Friends also happens to be a favorite of mine for a number of reasons. Marta also works on Netflix’s hit Grace and Frankie.

Initially after I looked over the program schedule, I set it aside. While the programs and sessions looked great – the cost of the course was a bit out of my reach.

Then I had the most brilliant of brilliant ideas! Meghan, I said, you can be fun and creative – where there’s a will, there’s a way!

If you’d like to help me attend this once-in-a-lifetime event to further hone my writing craft, please Buy Me A Coffee!

The class starts Monday, Feb 15th (nothing like the last minute!), but if you’d like to contribute, I will write you your very own Love Poem! You can choose if it rhymes or not. 😂🤣

The total cost of this class is $395. At the time of this posting I’ve raised $0.

I know we’re in the middle of a pandemic and money isn’t everyone’s favorite thing at the moment. If you’d like to help but cannot contribute monetarily, please consider sharing this post.

Thank you so much for reading this and considering supporting me as a patron of the arts!

Here’s the link again:

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