Buy Griffith Littlehale a coffee


 Griffith began building a portfolio of accomplished professional tasks and presentations through school-related marketing and college gatherings. His first commissions were for a local theater performance and event posters. As an alternate project, Griffith designed Thanksgiving and Christmas cards for a local church, including their logo.

Griffith, like most college students his age, had exposure to classics, which sparked an interest in liberal literature of philosophy and poetry. His favorite writers are Bret Easton Ellis and Edgar Allen Poe. Griffith has discovered a passion for reading Descartes and Oscar Wilde's writings. While Griffith has no ambitions to be a writer, his studies of many classics have enriched his higher thinking and philosophy.

What lies ahead for Griffith Littlehale? Much depends on how his psychology degree goes. Clearly, the field's traditional approach is graduate school followed by clinical work. Also, organizational behavior is a hot topic right now, with many organizations prioritizing workplace diversity. However, digital design is also in high demand, and Griffith aims to establish a freelancing and eventually a stable alternate income stream in that sector as well. It never hurts to have multiple eggs in one basket.

Beyond his studies, Griffith has learned how wide and promising the world is beyond Toledo, OH. He plans to explore the world and encounter cultures whenever he can. Like many young people his age and in their 20s, he sees the current world as incredibly global and international. Unlike his parents and peers, Griffith and his generation are aware that there are huge opportunities in other countries. A few years in a different nation is a terrific learning experience and a change from the customary road taken by generations before.

Griffith, like most his age, worried about achieving the American Dream. Daily media reports about younger generations being priced out of the housing market remind him that his generation has it much tougher than his parents or grandparents. But he also sees more possibilities for success, innovative niches, and new ideas. His generation's online potential is enormous compared to a decade ago. And he wants to be a part of that future as much as possible.