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Well Hello Lovlies!

There’s a massive awakening underway – can you feel it? If you’ve got that nagging tug inside that you’re meant for more, you’re right. If you’re ready to jump the ruts of your routines and feel purpose coursing through your veins, you can. If you ache for profound connection and clear divine guidance to master your moment, I’ve got good news with a chaser of truth talk: What you seek seeks you, but it’s not all love and light. It takes grit and guts to craft your path with purpose. But lovely, it’s SO worth it! Welcome to Gritty Mystic®, your podcast for the daring and ready to awaken the power to master and direct your life. Or as I like to call it, becoming f*cking unstoppable. I’m Tracy King, intuitive channel and transformational teacher offering tips, tools, and techniques to facilitate your next divine breakthrough.


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