Tailwind created a lot of hype recently. But with all the hype there, of course, comes plenty of backlash as well. What are some of the critiques Tailwind is facing? And how did they hold true for me — a full-stack developer that likes the backend way more than the frontend?

About two years ago my sister decided that she wanted to start her doctor’s ordination. The supportive brother I am, I offered her to make a website. Or at least implement a design that somebody else created — I am a really bad designer. After getting the design I sat down to evaluate my options on how to create a website these days.

WordPress sure is a big option for such a small website but, honestly, it still felt a little bit too big and clunky. Therefore, I settled with hugo and created a small JAMstack side.

Although I am a full-stack web developer, I never cared to learn CSS inside-out and just used the design set my company was using, mostly Bootstrap and some custom CSS classes. But since Bootstrap is (was) using jQuery for their JavaScript, I didn’t want to use it. After doing some research and using Tailwind CSS on some small side projects beforehand, I decided to use it as my CSS framework for this project as well.

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