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Volatile Bitcoin - Opportunity for Massive gains in short term

Dec 20, 2020

Following my earlier post on the long term bullish thesis on Bitcoin, I wanted to highlight that it also provides massive opportunity for short term position trades as well. Good technical analysis along with the big price moves in Bitcoin offers an uniques opportunity for quick trades.

I published the chart of Bitcoin alerting my followers in October 2020, that it is breaking out of its resistance from it chart pattern.

This downward sloping trend line was created over a period of 14 months. This breakout is significant.

22 OCTOBER 2020: Breakout ~ $12500

The price action that followed proved it right. Within 5weeks it has moved up ⬆️ 50% (I published an updated chart in November 2020)

21 November 2020: $18706

and now in just 2months since the breakout signal been published, it has nearly doubled🚀.

19 December 2020: $24123

Whether you believe in Bitcoin or not, it is pretty hard to discount the trading opportunities it’s chart provides that help you to grow your wealth.

I would be happy to know that followers benefited from my posts. I will continue to share my watchlist and such posts that will hopefully help others learn and make trades to Grow Wealth.

Happy learning and successful investing. 🙂🙏

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