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Watchlist ≠ Trade entry points

Dec 20, 2020

Watchlist DOES NOT MEAN it is a buy recommendation

I post watchlist for members on a weekly basis. When I find stocks that really interests me, I send out mid-week short list or focus list to members.

They are what I am watching in my own account. I can not, in any possible way, know all of my supporter’s and member’s mentality, trade style, portfolio size, risk tolerance etc to decide on their behalf on which trade to take. Moreover, I’m not legally qualified to provide buy and sell recommendations. I won’t provide such trade buy/sell recommendations here. The posts here are for information and learning purposes only.

I have a particular system that screen various stocks. I manage a long list, secondary list, shortlist, focus list and to buy list for my personal portfolio. Each of the subsequent lists are filtered from the previous ones when they act well and qualify to move to next level; also it’s not practicable for me to take all the trade that I see. Similarly you should create your own list based on ideas and learning you pick up in here.

The stocks in my watchlist that I publish are mostly good companies. When they act in a particular way, I filter them from long list to my short list. They still have to perform well / prove to me to get selected for actual trade.

Deciding which stock to buy is like finding the right candidate to appoint to a job. Long list of candidates from job applications, then short list and then interview process. Shortlisted candidates doesn’t automatically get the job. Also not everyone who are interviewed will be appointed. 

You get my shortlisted stock candidates from your membership. You have to subject it through your interview process to select the stock that you want to buy (appoint). You can learn about the interview style, i.e, how to select stocks from the watchlist to decide on trade entry from your further learning, mentoring sessions and members Q&A sessions with me.

Watchlist price is not trade entry points. The price mentioned are the price at which the stock was added to any of the watchlist. It helps with tracking and for you to assess. We still have to individually make our decision to enter or not with a plan for stop loss and on position sizing.

Use these watchlist stocks to create a list of your own to monitor and find suitable place to buy if it meets your criteria. 

Happy learning and successful investing.🙂

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