Message from Maarten

Message from Maarten

Feb 05, 2023

Hi friends! I need to take a break from posting new videos this year to address some of my long-term goals for Guitar Inspiration: I've been writing an educational e-book on guitar soloing for a while now, but I'm struggling to find enough time to work on it. Time is limited because I also have a family, a daytime job, and gigs on the weekend. Furthermore, I must address many other loose ends, e.g., remixing and selling my music online. Finishing these projects will help keep this channel sustainable for me while continuing to offer YouTube videos and tabs for free in the future. All channel supporters ( until the end of the year will receive significant discounts on the e-book once it's released. Thank you for understanding that this step back is needed to continue to grow long-term. A special thank you to all supporters for believing in this passion project of mine. The best is yet to come, so stick around for Guitar Inspiration's next chapter in January '24! Questions or suggestions? Please e-mail me at: [email protected]

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