This video has been a great help for my family. We're really glad to have seen it at the time when our children were in their primary years. It gave us a fresh perspective on how to look at our children, how to be with them and how to work together as a family.

Enjoy the video!

From the Vimeo website:

“Help me to do it by myself !” Every event in the day offers 20-month-old Edison an opportunity to live naturally, to discover the everyday tasks and activities of life in the home. Getting up in the morning, eating breakfast, going to school, having friends over, going out in nature, helping around the house, preparing dinner— Edison blossoms with his myriad of joyfully accepted responsibilities. The message is gentle; the accomplished level of what Edison can do is understated and unthreatening to parents who are thinking about children participating in the home for the first time.

For the month of April, Edison's Day will available for FREE on Vimeo.


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